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I am a strong believer in taking care of my body. You really don’t have to look like a Victoria secrets model for you to feel good about yourself. Its all about learning to embrace yourself and to be the best version of yourself.   Personally, i enjoy doing my workouts at the comfort of my apartment(thanks to youtube) Since i prefer to use my own body weight to exercise and plus it saves time and money. Will go in details on my workout routines on another post, i promise.

Anyway, at least three times in a week, i will put on a comfy workout outfit. A perfect example is this minimal look am rocking on this post. A simple pair of black leggings and a matching top. Then paired with my favourite kicks. The most important thing for me is, to be able to freely move in the outfit and at the same time feel sexy.

Have a great time!





Outfit: Misguided

Shoes: Puma



5 thoughts on “Fit Style”

  1. I love it dear! Keep it up 👏👏I wish I could keep up with working out at home though.. Too much discipline required. I guess paying the gym makes me feel the pinch of missing out my routine. However YouTube always comes through most times.
    Nothing feels better than being fit and looking good! #bodygoals.
    Otherwise, cheers to your new blogging journey. All the best!

    1. All it takes is discipline. Sometimes the weather in Germany can be so cold, that indoor workout is a great option for me. Anyway, thanks so much for the kind compliment. xoxo!I look forward to sharing more of my two cents with you!

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