Yay! Winter is finally here and from the look of things, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so stay frosty, keep calm and let me dress you warmly throughout this season. Day by day the weather in Berlin is getting colder and wetter and I’ve got just the perfect outfit to keep you all warm!

Am all about keeping warm and feeling cute. My awesome moods for the day are largely inspired by my choice of outfit and honestly, a majority of the time I never have enough time to style a whole look so I majorly play by one rule….getting and doing the basics right from the start.

Dressing up my jeans is at the top of my list in my fashion book. I decided to rock it with this awesome glitter jacket that am so in love with. Underneath I wore a simple black turtle-neck top. Keeping warm is the key considering the cold in Berlin isn’t doing favors for anyone!
Spiced up the look with a furry coat and some cute shiny heels and completed the whole vibe with this brown scarf that perfectly complemented my cute outfit!
Had so much fun shooting these photos in my beautiful and eccentric City Berlin. I hope you enjoy the post.




photographer :

Get my look:

Jeans: Drykorn

Jacket: Drykorn

Coat : H&M


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